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How your purchase cleans up plastic waste.

We believe spending time outdoors reinforces your connection to nature and strengthens the desire to protect the natural world. That is why we have chosen to implement our very own system of nature compensation that simultaneously cleans up the environment and supports impoverished communities around the globe.

We have teamed up with Empower, who implement a system based on the long-standing success of the Scandinavian plastic bottle recycling system. By giving plastic a value, people are incentivized to recycle it.

For every pair of eyewear sold, 1 kg of plastic waste is cleaned up and recycled.

Tracking system

Discover your individual impact

Using a global deposit system for plastic waste, every donation is fully traceable to the exact time and location where the plastic is collected on your behalf.

All our customers will receive an update following a purchase with the amount, the location and images of the cleanup they helped fund.

Global impact

Empowering impoverished communities worldwide.

Thanks to your support, this system is now being exported across the globe, and cleanup projects have helped transform landscapes in Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Sri Lanka and more.

Impact Map

You have powered plastic cleanups around the world, here are some of the countries where they have taken place so far.

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