VALLON was founded by two Swedish brothers intent on developing the ideal sunglasses for ski touring and mountaineering. Finding that sports sunglasses often lack individuality and imagination, the company has embarked on a mission to rethink and redefine sports eyewear.

Independent and family-owned, VALLON has grown to encompass a wide range of outdoor sports and activities - committed to making sports eyewear with a whole lot of soul!

We Create Products Our Way

We strive to make sports eyewear not bound by convention.

Instead, we always aim to rethink the design, features and materials used, to provide high-performing and original eyewear that will stand the test of time.

We Offer High-Quality Eyewear At A Better Price

The traditional retail model ensures that every part of the supply chain requires a cut.

By going straight to the source and delivering the products directly to you, we can provide premium, high-performing sunglasses and goggles at a better price.

We Believe In Nature-Connectedness

Spending time in the outdoors reinforces your connection to nature, inspiring you to care more about protecting the natural world.

For us, this manifests itself in our plastic cleanup initiative that to date has picked up over 41 tons of plastic waste.