Freshwater Revivals


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The Freshwater Revivals are equipped with our exceptionally clear and polarized V52® optics. The brown-tinted lenses improve depth perception and enhance contrasts, making them ideal for sight and inshore fishing or environments with varying light. The sustainable frame is made from recycled fishing nets fused into a highly durable and resistant nylon polyamide. Additional features include anti-scratch, oil and water-repellent coating, and a rubber nose pad. They come protected in a functional case with a clip-on hook and belt straps.


  • Polarized V52® optics
  • Brown tint
  • Cat. 3 (13% VLT)
  • Hydro-oleophobic
  • Rubber nose pad
  • 100% UVA/UVB
  • Sustainable nylon frame (matte finish)
  • Protective case



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100% UV protection

Polarized lenses

For optimal vision

Recycled frame

Made from fishing nets


For maximized vision


Hard-coated lens

Protective pouch

With clip-on hook


Ultraclear lenses for freshwater fishing

Our new V52® lenses have an exceptional optical clarity far surpassing industry-standard fishing lenses. With an ABBE value of 52, they have less distortion and offer better vision than polycarbonate or Trivex materials. The V52® lenses are also 20% lighter, with excellent impact resistance for added safety and 100% UVA/B protection. The polarization filter leads to reduced glare and enhanced contrasts for even sharper vision on water. The lenses are both oil and water-repellent, while the brown tint blocks blue light to enhance contrasts for optimal performance during freshwater fishing.


Made from recycled fishing nets

The frame is made from 85% recycled fishing nets collected and cleaned in India, and transformed into a strong, durable nylon 6 material, ensuring high-performance capabilities from sustainable and recyclable materials. By making a purchase you also donate to clean up an additional 1 kg of plastic waste.


Protective case

The Freshwater Revivals come protected in a functional case equipped with both a clip-on hook and belt straps, meaning it can be worn on all your fishing adventures. They are delivered plastic free in our VALLON box.

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