Hiking Sunglasses

Side-shield sunglasses built for hiking.

Technical, lightweight, and fitted with ultra-clear lenses. The side shields provide superior protection, reduced eyestrain, and maximum comfort for your eyes.


A classic alpine design

For more than a century, mountaineers have used side shields for optimal eyewear protection against weather elements. The leather side shields not only block direct sunlight and glare, but they also protect against dust and wind, resulting in reduced eye fatigue and less dry eyes during long days in the mountains.


Lenses for hiking

When hiking during late mornings, early evenings, or on overcast days, it is often too dark to use glacier glasses. The ligher Cat. 3 lenses of the Heron Mountain (12% VLT) make them unique as it combines a classic alpine design with far more versatile lenses, allowing both improved vision and superior protection.


Ultra-lightweight and comfortable

During long days on the trail, it is essential to wear comfortable sunglasses, and at 25g the Heron Mountain are supremely light on your face. The frame is made from Swiss-invented TR90® polyamide, commonly used in cycling sunglasses, and is built to maximize performance. The fully adjustable temples mean there is no pressure on your ears - a common pain point with many other side-shield sunglasses. 


Protective case

The Heron Mountain come protected in a stylish and sturdy faux-leather case along with a cleaning cloth, so you can simply throw them in your backpack when the rain inevitably comes! They are delivered plastic-free in our VALLON box.

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