Minimalist design, high-tech features, premium optics

Designed in Verbier, Switzerland.


Trailblazing Lenses

We've partnered with optical industry leaders Carl Zeiss to develop brand new lens combinations to allow you to see and ski the VALLON way, including our unique range of warm-tinted mirror lenses that provide the perfect mix of enhanced contrasts and reduced eyestrain.


Oversized Field of Vision

We've developed our goggles to offer an oversized field of vision without feeling too big on your face. Both the Freebirds™ and Stairways™ have been designed to fit perfectly with standard helmets.


Designed the VALLON Way

We take our time when developing goggles. From first sketches to final field tests, design is key for both performance and style. For us, details matter, and whether its a new goggle shape, an original strap design or a powder-fresh lens combination, we do things the VALLON way.

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