Sunglasses for light sensitive eyes and other issues

The Heron-range were designed to offer maximum eye protection during outdoor activities. The side shields block out peripheral light, as well as dust and wind, and the lenses are highly protective and come in a number of different lens options. While not developed as a medical device, the protection offered has turned out to be very suitable to combat light sensitivity, or if you're suffering from a particular eye issue as the features might substantially improve your eye comfort.

Customers have provided positive feedback they have worn Herons due to light sensitivity, chronic migraines, pollen, hayfever, photosensitivity, laser eye surgery, benign essential blepharospasm, spinal cord inflammation and issues due to accidents.

Heron Mountain: Protective lens (Cat. 3) with a similar lens transmission as a standard high-quality pair of sports sunglasses.

Heron Ocean: Protective lens (Cat. 3) with added polarization for better vision.

Heron Glacier: Very protective lens (Cat. 4) with anti-reflective mirror coating for improved eye comfort. 

Heron Glacier Nimsdai Edition: Very protective lens (Cat. 4) that only lets through 4% of light.

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